Monthly Archive: January 2019


Two faces

The new painting with the help of my children. I let them paint on the canvas and they mixed the colors and after that I finished it.


Easy Sofa table

With the sofa standing next to the wall, I think it looks better with a tall and narrow table behind it. I didn’t want to spend a lot of time with it. I just...


Night table from a drawer

Bed without a night table? Always a mess beside the bed. In the basement there stands an old writing table with some drawers. Some day I want to restore the table, but it is...

A ladder HACK 0

A ladder HACK

When we bought a bed for my little son, it was a loft bed with a ladder. It could be a normal bed or a loft bed, but for my son it is absolutely...



I don’t know what I thought for many, many years ago as I bought these simple canvas lamps. One of them I painted for my older son and it was hanging in his bedroom....


IKEA bedside table HACK

Two bedside tables, made from spruce wood. I kept repainting them for years, but they would be ugly, wrong color… Now they are parts of a little kitchen for the children in my kitchen....


Painted IKEA bookshelf

The color, always the color, I didn’t like the color of this bookshelf. And my big son needed a shelf for his books. He has many. I chose a strong green color. I don’t...



Four leftover and old wooden chairs made from spruce wood. One of them was quite broken. I didn’t know, where it is… Two of them were always on the wrong place in the basement....


IKEA commode HACK

About 13 years ago we bought some IKEA furniture, it was a set made from spruce wood. A bed with two bedside tables, a commode and a wardrobe. They were cheap, very cheap, the...


Bathroom zero waste?

Almost done, but just almost. There are some things, that I keep buying and I can’t ignore them. For example, my contact lenses… and the contact lens cleaner is in a plastic bottle and...