Sneakers or high heels? With or without a makeup?

High heels, high heels, high heels…. were my favorite shoes for years. I had one pair of running shoes, but the other shoes always were with some heels, not so high, but with heels. Honestly, I didn’t have flat shoes after the high school. So high heels, skirt, a little bit makeup, sometimes nail polish, but I didn’t feel comfortable. I didn’t find my style. I just wear mascara. The others (lipstick, liquid make up, etc)? I just couldn’t tolerate them. Nail polish? I tried, with different colors. First of all, I am not capable to care about this things. Good quality nail polish, but after 3-4 hours it was not nice-looking. It just was nerve racking for me. I couldn’t look at them. I really tried this ladylike things, but it was not for me. And my first son was born. Going for a walk, going to the playground, riding bicycle…, definitely in flat shoes, at least for me, and these shoes were always getting dirty… Later the back pain… I can’t wear shoes with heels. So I stayed by the flat shoes and boots. I definitely like boots, my favorite shoes. Lately in Winter jeans, shirts, boots, no makeup, in Summer short, shirts or summer dress and flat shoes, no makeup and I feel better, mostly. I am always with the children, so definitely comfortable clothes for me. Do maybe little shoes step on my shoes? Who doesn’t know that? Little sweet dirty hands on my clothes? Who doesn’t know that?

And as I went in a cosmetic shop on a rainy day to buy a present in boots, jeans with two children, I get a look from a shop girl: What does she want here? I felt uncomfortable, but I shouldn’t have. It is not her fault, I should ignore these looks. And I should manage with myself, that I like myself more without makeup and high heels.

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