Water! Muddy puddles! Splash!

Water and my children? Puddles and my children? Muddy puddles and my children? They are made for each other! Especially my big son, he always gets wet when there is a little bit of water, always. In the winter, as we were by a lake not far from home, he fell into the lake… in his ski suit and snowboots. He wanted to fish out a ball from the lake… So always getting wet. Wherever they meet water, the children are going to get wet. That’s for sure :-).

Here comes the good part. There is a pool in the garden, and we have to pump out the water every spring to refill it with fresh water. It is a really good game for the children. This time they made a little lake, using bricks as dams. They got some toy ships and played for hours.

Cleaning and filling the pool is a good entertainment for them, too. While filling it with about 15 Celsius water my big son is running and bathing in the cold water. I don’t know, how he can do that, it is soooo cold.

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