Relax! But HOW??

What was I thinking? Relaxing with children? No way! But I try it from time to time… without sucess, usually.

If I don’t want to make yoga at 9 p.m at night, I try doing it in the afternoon with the children by my side… I don’t feel relaxed and concentrated on the whole yoga ritual. Somehow they don’t want to play with each other at this time :-), just with me.



Just 10 minutes, please, 10 minutes sleeping and I’m again top fit and awake. After 10 minutes I feel good, really good. I usually fall sleep while reading some books for the boys after lunch, but they don’t want to take a rest. And they don’t let me sleep, never and never. They always wake me up and they are creative, have some ‘great’ ideas…

Of course there are other situations, where I can just laugh or say ‘Really? Really?’. Like when I’m finally about to eat something and the little one starts: ‘Mommy, mommy, hurry, I must go to the toilette, hurrrrryyyyy!!’.

Or when I have to go to the toilette and after 5 seconds both of the boys have to tell me something, immediately and I hear: ‘Mommmyyyy, where are youuuuuu? Mommmyyy!!!’

Or when I would like to take a 20 minutes relaxing bath at 10 p.m and my little son wakes up (bad dream or just thirsty or I don’t know) So I have to get out the bathtub with wet hair and towel… , of course not once, two times, three times (he is not a good sleeper). Lately it is better.

And it happens every day, that I have to go in two directions, because my two sons need me, immediately and they speak simultaneously.

It happened this morning. My little son woke up, his eyes were closed but he said almost crying: ‘I would like to take a bath. It would be so good.’ He took a bath, got breakfast (in the tub) and went to the kindergarten. But he needed that bath.



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