Bugs, birds, etc…! You are welcome! Life of a garden!

During summer, our garden is a paradise for bugs, birds, hedgehogs, frogs, moles and so on. We don’t use any chemical products and it seems to me that they take refuge from the nearby gardens (unfortunately, vermin as well). And this makes it a paradise for the children too. They like watching these animals and (since there are always some of them who think they can swim) they rescue them from the pool. Just like the FROG. The night before we went on a journey, I just wanted to quickly check the pool (about 11 p.m). I was looking at the pool, and AAAAAA, okay, I was scared, but the FROG seemed to have a good time. I just hoped that the cat from the neighbourhood didn’t find it… This little kitty likes to hunt from our pool (we saw it sometimes).

Our favourites (the children’s and mine) are the bees. We have a few lavender bushes in the garden and they are full of bees. They are working during the whole summer. We also learned, that there is a special kid of bees, the mining bees which live underground – also in our garden of course. They are really harmless and also move out after a short time.

And the blackbirds! They flying in, land, pick up some worms out of the ground and then fly away. They are sweet, and always find something to eat. Other birds like crows, sparrows also love to take a walk in the garden.

Grasshopper, grasshopper. My little one loves them. This summer we had five little grasshoppers behind the house by the rocking chair. They lived there, somehow, on the rocking chair. My son counted them all the time. They were the baby grasshoppers. And ha called them the kindergarten grasshoppers, nurse grasshoppers, the schoolchildren and similar. We always found out a story, who they were and what they could be doing.

But what did the mantis do in our garden? I don’t know. It was huge and scary.

At the end, I would like to ask the slugs to please go and look after another place. I don’t like them. Every year it is a fight to rescue my plants from them. They just eat up everything. Sixteen little tomato plants during one night, to give You an idea! I don’t like them, GO AWAY!

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