Hi I’m Susanna, mama of two boys.

My little son is 3 years old and my big son is 9 years old. I’m from Hungary, currently living in Austria, writing this english blog… So it could possibly be a little bit of hunglish mixed with hungarian and german words if I can’t find the right words in the dictionary. I’m not a writer. I’m a software engineer. I can’t write neverending essays, so my posts would be mostly short with some pictures.

This should be a blog about everything what I like and love to do. And what I have to. Basic household things through children activities all to home renovation. Hand made stuff, renovation planning with Sketchup Free (I’m absolutly beginner), recycling old things from the house, soap making, hobby painting, a little bit less plastic at home, family meal plan (I really hope, that I could do this) and crafts for children. I like to do more things parallel, I have so many thoughts and for this reason chaos in my head.