Lamp in the living room

Once we had a hanging light in the living room, in the same style as we have over the dining table. And somehow my big son made a Death Star out of it… with a toy Indian axe, they were chasing each other with his brother…

I wanted to buy a new one for a long time, but what I found, was either expensive (to destroy it accidentally…) or I didn’t like it. I found an old lamp in the basement, cut the ugly fabric texture and made this lamp with some macramé style. It can’t be destroyed so easy :-), but somehow my first thought was, that it is a perfect place to jump up, catch the lamp and hang on it. And as my son saw the lamp, he wanted to try it, I saw it in his eyes and his hands were dangerously close to the lamp… :-). But he stopped! 🙂

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