Body lotion

It’s only me and my little son using body lotions in our family. My big son and my husband don’t like them and don’t need them, yet. I tried many of them, bio, not so bio, not bio at all. Almost all. But no, I didn’t find the ONE. As my little son was born, his skin was dry on several places and it was itchy. First I tried some products (bio, for babies) from the drugstore. But his skin wasn’t getting better. So I didn’t use baby soap, shampoo and lotion from the drugstore, anymore. I ordered some handmade bio things instead. In one month these were expired and stinky. They were good, but I had to throw them away. The way I look at it, babies don’t need any soaps, a daily bath with water should be fine. But his skin was very itchy during nighttime. I bought a specific body lotion for itchy skin in the pharmacy. Good, good, but very expensive and it is used up in one month. And he doesn’t like it. It was always a battle to get it onto his skin. I had to sing silly, funny songs and then he let me do it.

So I made some home-made body butters in the shapes of owls and buttons. He likes it, mostly… The result was good, his skin at night is not that itchy anymore. Since then, I use this body butter too. I told my husband, that I made some cream, he can use this for his face, too.

And my husband found it, too, but not as a skin care.

As his shaving foam was used up, I told him, he should tell me, when he wants to shave and he could try coconut oil to shave.

On one morning he was shaved.

Me: Hey, you’re shaved. What did you use as a shaving foam?

Husband: I found some cream in the bathroom cabinet. It was not good. My skin hurts and the razor blades are broken.

Me: Broken? What creme exactly?

Husband: What you told me.

Me: But that’s a body lotion with beeswax and sheabutter. Not so good for shaving.

Husband: I noticed that.

The other day in the morning I saw, that he uses my night cream:

Me: Hmmm, that is for the night. There is another for daily use.

Husband: But it is good. I use it for weeks and it works. Anyways the cream and my skin don’t know, that we are at night or at day.

Me: Okay :-). But if you want, you can use the daily cream.

Husband: No, this is perfect. Thanks.

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