Homemade soaps

Shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, etc… ? Shower gel for women, men, children… Shampoo for men, women, children… Lots of money, lots of plastic and somehow they were not so good. I tried many of them.

It ended after I bought bubble bath soap for the children (especially for kids). They liked it, I liked it as a child, too. I thought couple times, it would be okay, they had lots of fun, of course. I played with them, they were in the bathtub, I sat next to it, so my hands got enough of the bubble bath. We needed lots of body lotion for the children and hand cream for me after bathing.

It was all in winter, so I thought it’s the cold why my hands were in such a miserable condition (the back of my hands were bleeding). What’s wrong? What’s the difference? The bubble bath? Couple of days we had no bubble bath in the water. It was better, way better. Na dann. We can live without bubble bath. But I definitely will find a homemade bubble bath recipe for the children.

Shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, keratin sprays, oils for hair? I had all of them. Better? No, not better. And I don’t like to spend so much time with my hair. Just wash, no hair-dryer, and please somehow could it look halfway good? I have curly and very dry hair. It can look good or funny or as a mess or sometimes I look as a lion. I couldn’t tolerate those many things on my hair, anymore. My husband has a very sensitive scalp and we hadn’t found a solution. We tried many many shampoos, conditioners, etc. We must find something, what really works.

Hair washing with baking soda or egg or just water or baking powder or vinegar or lemon or…? Too much time and too complicated for me! What should I do when traveling? Carry vinegar or eggs along? I tried it with baking soda for a couple weeks. The result was really bad. For someone it works, but for me not. So I decided to try hair soaps and soaps for shower and anyway I wanted to make homemade soaps. Since then I and my family just use soaps. Weeks ago I made my first soap. It just works fine for hair and skin.

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