Bathroom zero waste?

Almost done, but just almost. There are some things, that I keep buying and I can’t ignore them. For example, my contact lenses… and the contact lens cleaner is in a plastic bottle and it has a plastic wrap sealing, but at least they come in paper box… I’ve thought about eye surgery, maybe later. And I hate glasses, really. I never found the ONE. I like to see everything and with glasses I can’t see everything. I really hate that outside of the glasses everything is cloudy, blaaaa.

We use homemade soaps instead of shower gels and shampoos. No hair-fixing spray or hair oil, etc.

I crocheted some cosmetic pads instead of cotton pads and a shower sponge.

We have some leftover cotton swabs, but I use these with the children for crafts.

I have to change my face creme and shaving things. And my husband, too. This would be complicated.

Makeup things and nail polish, I don’t buy these things anymore.

My husband and the children love the electric toothbrush, so it stays. But I bought some compostable toothbrushes, I love those. Until now I didn’t find a tolerable toothpaste recipe, so I have to keep buying these for a while.

Panda Toothbrushes


Instead of sanitary towels I use menstrual cup. This theme needs its own post…

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