Maybe I like the music of Ed Sheeran?

We like music, I like music, the children like music and my husband likes music. But I can’t sing. Really, I can’t. And that hurts the ears of my husband. A lot. As our first child was born, I’ve read an article, that it doesn’t count, how a mom sings, a baby just needs to hear the voice of his/her mom. I’ve just sung, our son liked it or he couldn’t protest against it.

My dear husband? He didn’t like it and he said it: What is this? Stop that! Use the piano keyboard and then you would hear the right notes. I used the piano keyboard (I can’t play that…, but I made it…) Meanwhile I can sing some Hungarian folk-songs, German children rhymes, the right way, mostly the right way. But I try to sing when my husband doesn’t hear that. And I was in the school chorus… How could that happen? I don’t know… I still remember as we practiced some songs and the chorus leader asked, really angry: Who was that? Who can’t sing these notes right? Of course nobody said anything. I thought, maybe I was that and I stopped singing or I sang just without voice, only moving my mouth.

I understand, that it hurts him to hear when I’m singing, but I won’t stop that :-). He can really hear the false notes, he played french horn for years. Once a year at Christmas he plays in his hometown with the town orchestra, even now. He has many guitars and plays all the time, so he likes music, a lot. He’s crazy about music. Me too, but I just listen music, I have no preferences. I like to hear jazz, musicals, pop, rock, but I never had had favorite bands etc. I was never crazy about a band or a singer. Maybe Queen, I can listen them endlessly, too. Before Christmas I always listen these Christmas songs for a month. My husband always asked: Is it not enough? I can’t hear these songs anymore. No it’s not enough :-). I barely can’t wait the end of November, baking gingerbread and listen Christmas songs, yep.

But now there is Ed Sheeran. I heard a song from him in the radio and thought, yes, it is good enough to try to listen another songs. And now, I like his songs a lot. (Could maybe Ed Sheeran sing some Christmas songs? That would be…, It was a joke…) As I heard, that he comes to Vienna, I’ve decided, if there are tickets available on a tolerable price, then I would buy one. Of course it was sold out. No problem. Maybe another time (next year in Hungary on the Sziget festival? Tickets are available, but no way, so many people, it is not for me…). Until then I would be happy with some ballet or musical shows, there are tickets available :-). But we have the albums, that we can listen in the car. Of course not on the short tracks. For example to my parents we have to drive 2.5-3 hours, to the parents of my husband 4 hours, if we are lucky. Lately it is more. We always drive at night, starting at about 19 clock, my little son falls asleep, my big son of course not, but that is another subject. During the drive we like to listen music, radio is not so good. Some guitar albums? Hardly to hear (or I don’t like them…). About one year ago I thought, how about Ed Sheeran? First just one time both albums, but we had to drive another one hour. Again one of these albums. That way I don’t fall asleep and can entertain my husband or get on his nerves :-). And the children? As the music begins, they will be calmer, my little one falls asleep, and my big one just listens to the music (but not the song Barcelona, we don’t like it, I don’t know why, we had to skip it. ) My husband? At the beginning, he always asked: Again? No, not again? Me: Yes, yes, again. At the end of the summer back from a holiday, we had a 6 hours car drive:

My husband has already been driving for an hour when he asked: What’s wrong with you?

Me: What do you mean? What’s wrong with me?

My husband: Where is Ed Sheeran?

Me: I don’t know, where he is.

My husband: Do you know what I mean…

Me: I just thought, that six hours from Ed Sheeran would be too much, for me, too…

My husband: Too much?

Me: Yes. But I can start to play his albums, if you want it.

And it was beginning to rain heavy, really heavy. He had to concentrate on the road. His biggest problem was the rain and not Ed Sheeran. As we parked in the garage, Ed Sheeran was still singing…

Lately he played some songs with guitar from him, and found an Ed Sheeran Signature Edition Guitar… He didn’t buy that, but he bought a dedicated guitar from Brian May… but that was an electric guitar and that’s why he needed to buy an acoustic guitar, because the old one got broken (I would definitely make from this guitar something) As he said last day, a guitarist needs n+1 guitars (when having n guitars), always one more, I just rolled my eyes.

Back from the grandparents, the cousin of my husband traveled with us.

My husband: No panic, we are 5 Ed Sheerans away.

Cousin: ?????

My husband: 3x Divide, 2x X albums

Cousin: Aha! ?????

After two times of the album Divide my husband was not so excited… He changed to the radio:

‘Ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you…’

My husband: Oh, it didn’t work.

Me: Yes, it did!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

My husband: Are you kidding me?

Me: No :-)! ‘I was happier with you…’

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