It’s cold out there

End of September, cold, it’s cold, really cold out there. For me. Not 30 Celsius anymore, just 10, and for me this is cold. I don’t like it. I do like snow and winter, but I don’t like being cold. Somehow I feel it in my bones. My feet and hands are cold, under 25 Celsius they are really cold. No matter how much socks and pullover I’m cold, really. And this goes from September until May…

My children? Na ja. Since it’s getting cold, each day I can listen to: no pullover, no coat, no cap, no, no, no, no pants. And shorts, t-shirts? Ye! At the end of the winter, spring comes, then they want to keep wearing caps, coats, boots… Typically the first time my little one get shorts and t-shirt he complains about too much space between a pants and socks. That is a really important question about two weeks! But now when it’s get cold, he keeps missing that space… Who understand that?

In the middle of summer they want to build a snowman: Mama, mama when could we build a snowman????? By Christmas time: I want to swim in the swimming pool! Who understand that?

One of those very important questions nowadays: Is it going to snow this Christmas? I hope it would, I really do. It was so wonderful with my parents back then, over thirty years ago. Christmas, snow. We were always walking in the evening to my grandma. And it was snowing. Later with my brother, we used to play sliding on the ice int the middle of the road. There were no cars back then or maybe one car per hour. So I hope it will be snow this winter, and it will be cold, I hope there will be a snowman in the garden, ice skating on the lake, sledging from the hillside. But now this 10 Celsius hurts. I need to find my winter coat.

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